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GMT is an initiative committed to breaking social norms and helping other women do the same by providing fun hands-on car basics workshops (i.e., oil changes, fluid refills, etc.) to those interested. Our vision is to provide not only the technical skills but to instil confidence in women’s knowledge of car mechanics, turning them into confident drivers and smarter consumers.

Though we are currently new and upcoming, our team is committed and ambitious to reaching a point where we can own our shop and provide our own services! 
​On top of planning and providing workshops, we look forward to attending many events in order to spread the word and keep our team growing.

Jowana Burgan

Jowana is a mechanical engineering student studying in Toronto, her education in stimulating environments brought vitality, professionalism, warmth, and a mindset of service and advocacy to her work.

Jowana is very enthusiastic to build awareness and empower women through education and training because she strongly believes that women with confidence have no limits to what they can be or achieve in life. Also, she is very proactive in networking, partnership building and locating new business opportunities.

To pursue her passion for entrepreneurship, Jowana was actively involved in different entrepreneurship projects in Canada. She herself is the founder of Girls Mechanic Team (gmteam.org) – a locally based group of girls committed to breaking social norms and helping other girls do the same by providing free and fun hands-on car basics workshops (i.e., oil changes, fluid refills, etc.)